Lowongan Kerja PT. Matahari Departmen Store

PT Matahari Putra Prima, Tbk a leading Retail company in Indonesia which has been well known as shopping destination, as the most preferred retailer for customer and Indonesian family. Consistently brings value and fashion-high products and services to enhance the costumers’ quality of lifestyle. If you’d like to work in service line of our business, key positions are waiting for you!

  1. Finance Controller (Code: FC)
  2. Advertising & Promotion Manager (Code: APM)
  3. Financial Analysis Manager (Code: FAM)
  4. Site/Project Manager (Code: SPM)
  5. HR Regional Manager (Code: HRR)
  6. Mechanical & Electrical Supervisor (Code: ME)
  7. Store Supervisor (Code: SS)
  8. Human Resources Supervisor (Code: HRS)
  9. Visual Merchandising Supervisor (Code: VMS)
  10. Executive Secretary (Code: ES)

General Requirements:

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3 responses to “Lowongan Kerja PT. Matahari Departmen Store

  1. ibrahim dicky muhammad

    besar harapan saya bisa di terima

  2. apa di solo juga ada lowongannya ?

  3. annissa fitriyani

    Nama : Annissa fitriyani
    Tempat tanggal lahir : Jakarta, 10 maret 1994
    Alamat : Perumahan Kintamani blok H3 no 4
    Lulusan : Smk
    No tlp : 083899024647

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